Kart unit

Kart unit image
The patented ConCentra Solution allows centering of the shaft and its rotation, in respect to the bearing center. The bearing has a removable snap shield that allows to easily clean the bearing and re-lubricate it after each use. The patented profile of the outer ring has been designed to avoid the risk of misalignment to the unit support. The bearingis available with ceramic balls that help maintain low friction while reducing the rotating mass and increasing stiffness.

The unit does not need modifications to the housing/cassette, so it is retrofitable to existing factory designs.

The external patented profile of the Outer Ring SKF Kart Unit has small grooves with sharp edge along them. This particular geometry increases the resistance to the misalignment of the bearing in respect of the cassette when driving the Kart. The SKF geometry assures the bearing much more grip inside the aluminium/magnesium cassette.

By using ceramic balls it is possible to decrease friction, weight and increase hardness with the result of lower running friction even with little quantity of lubricant.
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