Cylindrical roller bearings

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Specific Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Karts' Engines

Due to its design the load carrying capacity has been increased by more than 200% in respect to the current Deep Groove Ball Bearing. Consequently the life and the rebuild interval will be more than doubled. The stiffness of the system will also be increased and all these features will mean more power and torque from your engine.

Mounting Dimensions

This bearing has been designed to equip the major engines around the world. If your main bearing has the overall dimensions 25x52x15 mm it can be easily replaced by this high performance version. You don't have to change anything inside your engine. Before replacing please check the crankshaft tolerances. If your shaft is 25 -0.010/-0.020 mm you will be in the ideal shaft condition on which this new crankshaft support can be mounted.

Specific Clearance

The unmounted radial clearance range of the bearing has been set in order to give a constant and precise engine performance.

Inner Ring Design

The Inner Ring has been designed considering the overall application conditions and the shaft misalignment at the bearing position. Due to the Inner Ring raceway design and t he seperate side ring we can ensure a good resistance to vibrations and shaft misalignment. This it will mean more reliability even in severe working conditions.
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