Hybrid bearings

Hybrid bearing image 1
Hybrid bearings have rings of bearing steel and rolling elements of bearing grade silicon nitride. Silicon nitride is a ceramic material with low density and high strength, stiffness, toughness and hardness.

These characteristics are extremely important for racing applications, for the following potential benefits:
  • Electric insulation properties, which eliminate the risk of damages due to electric currents, even at high frequencies
  • Low thermal transfer
  • Weight reduction: silicon nitride density is 60% less than steel
  • High-speed performance: thanks to low density (low centrifugal forces) and low friction (low temperatures)
  • Low wear rate due to high hardness
  • Improved grease life and resistance to seizure, due to lower running temperature thanks to lower internal friction than all-steel bearings
  • Higher stiffness: silicon nitride has a 50% higher elastic modulus (Young's modulus) than steel
  • Resist vibrations: silicon nitride balls on steel have much higher resistance against wear caused by small vibrations of the bearings, particularly at stand still
  • Longer life in corrosive environment. Silicon nitride is non-corrosive and chemically inert

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