NoWear bearings

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Where there is a risk of smearing and boundary lubrication, higher operational temperatures, sudden load variations and reduced maintenance the bearings are expected to exceed the bounds of former possibilities.

To withstand these types of severe operating conditions SKF bearings can now be furnished with a low friction ceramic coating applied to the contact surfaces within the bearing. This coating, trade marked NoWear, was developed by SKF for rolling bearings and is covered by an SKF patent. NoWear bearings can withstand longer periods of insufficient lubrication, sudden variations in load, rapid speed changes, vibrations and oscillations.

NoWear bearings will operate with high reliability, even when adequate surface separation cannot be achieved (κ < 1), by preventing direct metal-to-metal contact between rolling elements and rings.

NoWear bearings are still made of steel but the rolling elements, and the raceways if necessary, are coated with a new type of diamond-like carbon which is only a few microns thick. A physical vapour deposition process applies the low friction, ceramic coating. Bearing surfaces coated in this way have all the resilience of the underlying material, but with the hardness, low friction coefficient and wear resistance of the NoWear coating.

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