SKF and Ducati

Moto Gp motorbike from 2012's Championship
Ducati is a company with a unique philosophy, inspired by the extremely close bond with its racing activities. This bond has led to the development of a profound synergy between the evolution of its competition motorcycles and its consumer products. Racing is an integral part of this synergistic evolution, leading to the quality and reliability of both its racing and consumer applications.

On the track, Ducati has amassed a string of World Superbike Championships unprecedented in the history of motorcycle racing: fourteen of the twenty-four  World SBK campionships disputed through 2011. In addition, Ducati has more individual victories than the competition combined, and the manufacturer made its impressive debut in MotoGP in 2003 with Casey Stoner earning a spectacular World Title in 2007. Ducati is the marque of champions - among them Lucchinelli, Roche, Hailwood, Falappa, Polen, Corser, Fogarty, Bayliss, Stoner, Capirossi and Rossi - and a living racing legend for all of its fans.
Since the 1940s, SKF has been a technical supplier to Ducati, and in 2001, SKF also became a Ducati Corse Official Technical partner. Year after year, Ducati has collected a long list of successful results,  reinforcing the long technical partnership between the two companies.
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