SKF Condition Based Lubrication for wind turbines

Increase reliability by combining SKF condition monitoring and automatic lubrication systems

Condition based lubrication
SKF Condition Based Lubrication is an active interface that links together SKF WindCon and SKF WindLub (Fig. 1), featuring SKF and Lincoln lubrication systems. It enables an automatic, additional dose of lubrication to wind turbine bearings in distress and offers full monitoring of the lubrication pump. SKF Condition Based Lubrication allows OEMs and wind farm operators to control maintenance demands and reduce their costs per kilowatt-hour.

Benefits of SKF Condition Based Lubrication:
  • Remotely trigger additional lubrication cycles
  • Extend wind turbine life cycles
  • Increase wind turbine availability
  • Reduce risk of unplanned shutdowns
  • Remote lubrication system control and functionality
  • Incorporate GL-certified solutions
  • Cut operating costs and costs per kWh produced
  • Extend maintenance intervals
  • Reduce up-tower costs
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