Legae Community Childcare Center

Care centre for children suffering from HIV/Aids

Partnering with St Andrews Presbyterian Church and St Marks Presbyterian Church, SKF South Africa established Legae Community Childcare Center in Daveyton on the East Rand, for children suffering from HIV/AIDS, but also for other children in need.

In 2013, the 7th graduation function and year end play was celebrated at the Legae child care centre.

'Legae' meaning 'home', was officially opened on 31st March 2007, in concurrence with SKF Tree Planting event to celebrate its 100th year. Legae consists of a pre-school and a care centre for up to 50 children, as well an after-care facility for 20 school-going children up to the age of 13.

Children receive 2 meals a day, snacks and occasional food parcels to take home to their families. Basic medical services in co-operation with local medical staff, HIV education and resilience building are also provided to the children and families.

Children attending the Aftercare section receive lunch and help with their homework. The programme also includes regular art lessons by teachers and volunteers, music lessons (by a musician from the community) and a computer skills programme.

SKF South Africa provides monetary support to fund teacher salaries, daily meals for the kids, medicine requirements etc; whereas St Andrews oversees the management, training and volunteering for the new centre, in addition to some financial contribution.

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Legae’s vision is to extend the services provided by the Centre to include children from infancy to 18 years of age, thereby positively impacting on the lives of needy children from the Daveyton community throughout their childhood.

They hope to start a youth centre for high school children nearby soon, to accommodate the Legae children who graduate from primary school. Their wish is to continue with homework help, to provide youth discussion groups, computer training, basketball, netball and soccer programme. Counselling to teenage mothers, as well as counselling to children who are struggling with peer pressure regarding drug use, crime and alcohol abuse, HIV counselling and prevention, are also what Legae hopes to provide one day. 

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