SKF сотрудничает с компанией Emerging Cooking Solutions в Замбии

Проблемы развивающихся рынков открывают возможности для бизнеса

Население огромного Африканского континента до конца столетия увеличится, согласно прогнозам, с 1 до 4 миллиардов. Это станет огромной нагрузкой на природные ресурсы. А также откроет значительные возможности для эффективных инноваций.

Как и многие африканские страны южнее Сахары, Замбия столкнулась с серьёзными проблемами исчезновения лесов. Одна из проблем связана с использованием древесного угля для приготовления пищи в неофициальных производственно-сбытовых цепочках. Древесный уголь в качестве топлива очень неэффективен как с точки зрения его обработки, так и использования. Кроме того, этот способ представляет опасность.

Each year charcoal fires, and the toxic smoke they generate, cause the deaths of millions of people worldwide and have a disastrous impact on the environment. The Swedish-Zambian company Emerging Cooking Solutions has found an effective solution to address this problem, a modern type of stove using biomass pellets. 

The problem, dangerous and inefficient cooking leads to deforestation, health hazards and is time consuming…

Bio mass from saw dust of industry forest in the copper belt...
...and pellet press...

...creates a solution to the challenge and the foundation of Emerging Cooking Solutions.

A moderns stove that saves natural resources, time and is a cleaner and safer way to cook food.

SKF in Zambia subsidized stoves for employees

"SKF was one of the first companies in Zambia who helped us by giving their employees opportunity to buy their stoves by salary deduction divided on three months. This is now a finance system we are using more and more and works very well" says Mattias at Emergin Cooking Solutions

SKF provides solutions and knowledge
In the case of Emerging Cooking Solutions, one of the most critical issues has been to press biomass into pellets. SKF has supported Emerging Cooking Solutions with parts, engineering knowledge and a workshop to maintain the machines.

“We have learnt that sometimes what you need the most is support to make things work. In addition to the support of financing stoves for their employees, the most important contribution is the support SKF can give us on location, in terms of application knowledge. SKF has enabled us to maintain our machines, which is vital to our business,” says Mattias at Emerging Cooking Solutions.

About Emerging Cooking Solutions

The vision of Emerging Cooking Solutions is to replace eventually millions of tons of charcoal in Africa used for cooking with about half the amount of biomass pellets, priced well below charcoal. Both, the potential market for pellets and the biomass material exist (particularly agro-biomass). Given that the market for charcoal in many countries is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars we project that the potential market for pellets is in a similar range.

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