SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings, virtually maintenance-free

The basic rating life for SKF Explorer steel/steel plain bearings can be calculated using

Gh = b1 b2 b3 b5 [5 / (p0,6 v1,6)]

Gh=basic rating life, operating hours [h]
b1=load direction factor
  • for constant direction load b1 = 1
  • for alternating direction load b1 = 2
b2=temperature factor (diagram 1)
b3=sliding factor (diagram 2)
b5=factor for angle of oscillation (diagram 3)
p=specific bearing load [N/mm2] (for values of p < 10 N/mm2 use p = 10 N/mm2)
v=mean sliding velocity [m/s]


Under very light loads and/or low sliding velocities, the equations will give relatively long service lives. However, the influence of environmental factors such as contamination, damp or moisture and corrosion increases in importance the longer the life so that deviations from the calculated life are possible.
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