Coupling greases, unlike bearing or general purpose grease, must withstand the centrifugal forces created by a rotating coupling. These greases – KSG and KHP – are specifically formulated to resist the heavy centrifugal forces associated with all applications. These forces can cause the all-important base oil to separate from the soap thickeners and additives. Unlike greases with lithium-based thickeners, KSG and KHP greases use polyethylene thickeners, with a density closer to that of the base oil, and therefore much less susceptible to separation.
KSG grease is intended for speeds up to 3 600 r/min and KHP is best suited for speeds above 3 600 r/min.

KSG standard coupling grease

KSG is an NLGI Grade 1 coupling grease with EP additives for use in any grease-packed coupling, such as gear, grid and chain-type couplings, in standard industrial service. Superior to commonly available greases adapted to coupling use, KSG was developed specifically as a coupling lubricant.

KHP high performance coupling grease

KHP is an NLGI Grade 1 grease with EP additives which exceeds the design requirements needed for extended operating and relubrication intervals. KHP grease is recommended for high-speed grease lubricated gear couplings in petrochemical, process, and utility industries.
Minimum requirements for other greases:
  • NLGI 1 (speeds below 300 r/min, NLGI 0 or 00)
  • max 13% soap
  • min base oil viscosity 600 mm2/s at 40 °C
  • the soap in the grease must not separate from the base oil due to centrifugal forces
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