The Compact Supergrip bolt - OKBC

Compact Supergrip bolts (fig 1) are designed with flush bolt ends to save space. Flush ends are normally a requirement for connecting steam turbine couplings to reduce windage and noise levels.
Supergrip bolts can be used with straight- or counter-bored flanges.

When a close weight tolerance of the coupling is required for shaft balancing, the bolts can be delivered to meet weight specifications.

Supergrip combination system - OKBS and OKBT

When mounting Supergrip bolts (fig 2) in couplings with a set number and diameter of the bolts, such as crankshaft and gearbox flanges, or when retrofitting existing couplings, the number of bolts can often be reduced, while still ensuring a rigid fit for transmitting the torque. However, in order to guarantee a symmetrical load distribution, the minimum number of bolts in a coupling should not be less than six. To fulfill this requirement, we have developed a system in which the Supergrip bolts are combined with free-fitting tie bolts.
The tie bolts are tensioned and preloaded in the same way, and with the same tensioner, as the Supergrip bolts. This combination system is particularly advantageous when bending and axial thrust are high in relation to torque. The free-fitting tie bolt requires less machining and the total cost per coupling is reduced.

Supergrip dowel pin - OKBD

For connecting a flange to a hub with blind holes, a special Supergrip system has been developed, featuring a unique dowel pin combined with hydraulically tensioned tie bolts (fig 3). Applications include built-up of electrical rotors, flange-mounted propellers, bolt-on propeller blades and exciter couplings. The dowel pin can also be used to firmly position machinery and to plug drain pipes or holes in pressure vessels.
The dowel pin is also an excellent solution to plugging holes in nuclear power reactor vessels. Supergrip dowel pins have already been proven in a reactor vessel during modification programs when the piping connected to the reactor vessel had to be removed. Supergrip pins plugged the holes from the inside of the vessel in an active environment, at a depth of nine meters. Installation was easy and the plugging action was secure.
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