Mounting and dismounting

Fitting the Supergrip bolt

Since the bolt is initially smaller than the hole, it is easily inserted by hand. The tapered shank is drawn into the sleeve by the hydraulic tensioner, creating a controlled radial interference fit.
After mounting the nuts, the bolt is hydraulically tensioned to a high axial preload. After disconnecting the pump and tensioner, the bolt is ready to transmit high torque.

Removing the Supergrip bolt

The hydraulic tensioner is connected and pressurized and one nut is released.
The hydraulic pump is connected to the center of the bolt. Oil is injected to release the bolt from the sleeve. The bolt slides out of the taper and the sleeve immediately regains its original diameter.
As an alternative, the bolt can be pulled out from the sleeve with the tensioner mounted on the opposite side.
After unscrewing the nuts, the bolt and sleeve can be easily withdrawn by hand.
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