Supergrip alignment tool

What it is

...achieving a perfect radial fit between the bolt holes and acts a big time-saver in the bargain
Like the high-tech interference-fit couplings, like Supergrip coupling bolts, (proved in literally thousands of applications), the Supergrip alignment tool uses hydraulic power to get the job done – in this case, to correct angular misalignment of the flange faces along the shafts. Easily, predictably, quickly, repeatably. Composed of only a few essential elements, the Supergrip alignment tool set is simply sophisticated, and amazingly powerful on the job.

What it does

The Supergrip alignment system takes all uncertainty out of the task of achieving a perfect radial fit between the bolt holes and acts a big time-saver in the bargain. It provides the elegant solution to perfect alignment. No brute force is ever necessary. Sleeves and alignment bolts are inserted (and withdrawn) by hand. But the powerful expansion of the alignment sleeves through hydraulic power acting on the expansion bolt creates an overwhelming force that compels ultraprecise radial alignment between the bolt holes of the coupling.

How it gets the job done

After the traditional axial alignment steps have been taken, the Supergrip alignment tool achieves letter-perfect angular alignment of the two flanges. The process is simple, similar to the familiar one used with Supergrip expansion bolts.

Here's how it works:

  • The two flanges are brought together until their pilots meet.
  • Coarse angular misalignment is corrected until the holes in the two flanges are no more than 0,4 mm (0,02") out of line.
  • Two alignment bolts are inserted into two diametrically opposite holes.
  • The two alignment bolts without sleeve are inserted into two diametrically opposite holes 90° apart from the alignment bolts.
  • The tensioners are now screwed onto the threads of the tie bolts. With the tools furnished as part of the system, they are used to pull the coupling pilots together until the flange faces are in metallic contact with each other.
  • The tensioners are then used on the alignment bolts (once more using the accompanying tools) to expand them, causing a powerful radial force in the holes to bring the two flanges into perfect alignment.
  • All four bolts are now preloaded, and the nuts tightened to retain this preload; they clamp the coupling in the aligned position.
  • The coupling is now ready for the installation of your Supergrip bolts, after which the alignment tools can be removed. The coupling now remains in perfect alignment until the next assembly.

These are the elements in the Supergrip alignment bolt system:

4 Bolts
4 Expansion sleeves
8 Piloted nut
2 Distance collar
2 Mounting collar
2 Dismounting collar
1 Mandrel
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