Lubrication accessories, fittings and tubings

Fittings for single-line centralized lubrication systems (oil and grease, NLGI grades 000, 00) with pressures up to 45 bars:
  • solderless tube connections (double or single tapered rings)
  • quick connectors

Fittings for higher pressures up to 250 bars in progressive centralized lubrication systems (grease up to NLGI grade 2):
  • cutting-sleeve screw unions conforming to DIN 2353

Successful lubrication depends on the use of the right type of metering element (for example brushes, nozzles or spray heads), particularly in relation to:
  • oil + air lubrication systems
  • external minimal quantity lubrication systems
  • chain lubrication systems
  • railway wheel flange lubrication systems
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