SKF ChainLube

Centralized lubrication systems for chains

SKF ChainLube
SKF ChainLube
Conveying chains require continual lubrication to reduce high levels of friction that can result in chain wear, high energy consumption and unplanned production stops. In most plants, lubrication is applied manually – a task that requires the chains to continue running while production is stopped.
Downtime is costly, presents environmental problems related to possible oil leakage, and can risk injury as operators lubricate while the chain is moving.
Inadequate lubrication and irregular lubrication cycles lead to breaks in the chain or links, resulting in a need for frequent chain replacement.
SKF offers a complete range of oil or grease lubrication systems for conveyor chains, with or without air. These customized systems are controlled and monitored by control units or special software.

  • Higher productivity by eliminating the unplanned production downtime for lubrication tasks
  • Increased conveyor service life through reduction of chain wear
  • Greater operators safety thanks to the automation of the lubrication process
  • Energy savings through decreased friction
  • Better respect of the environment resulting from a controlled and reduced lubricant consumption

  • Car industry: paint shops and drying kilns, transportation of parts, assemblies, power trains and complete vehicles.
  • Food and beverage industry: Drying kilns, ovens, stoves, sterilization systems, slaughter houses.
  • Miscellaneous: Escalators, luggage processing in airports, freight consolidation stations, etc.

SKF ChainLube

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