SKF Grease Injection System

Product picture GVP-18 mai_mini
The SKF Grease Injection System, type GVP, has been developed to lubricate conveyor chains fitted with grease nipples. The lubrication process is automatically performed while the chain keeps moving. There is no production slow down.
The lubricant is injected under pressure directly into the chain pins and/or rollers. The injected volumetric metered quantity of lubricant is adjustable. It remains independent from lubricant viscosity and from any back pressure due to the pin or roller type.
There is a large range of conveyor chains and different operating conditions. Therefore, the GVP unit is often the result of a close collaboration – development, installation, commissioning – between the user and SKF.

  • less conveyor downtime resulting in less maintenance by personnel
  • longer service life of the chain
  • very easy installation thanks to its aluminium profile frame
  • reduction of environmental pollution,which was the result of excessive lubricant consumption,
  • controlled injection frequency,
  • full automatic lubrication cycles with the programmable control and monitoring unit AEP2-GV
  • analysis of the chain state during the lubrication process with the software SKF VisioLub

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