SKF Cylinder Lubrication System for Diesel Engines

Large 2-stroke crosshead diesel engines (bore diameter 350 - 960 mm) on container vessels, oil & gas tankers and bulk carriers require huge amounts of lubricating oil, resulting in high operating costs and emissions. To meet this challenge, SKF has developed the fully electronically controlled SKF Cylinder Lubrication System CLU 4 and CLU5.

The guide feed rate for large two-stroke diesel engines with the new developed CLU4 and CLU5 cylinder lubrication system is appr. 0,8 g/kWh of cylinder lubricating oil (CLO). The traditional cylinder lubricating systems requires settings between 1,1 – 1,6 g/KWh.

Economical benefits
  • Reduced CLO consumption leading to reduction of total operation costs
Technical benefits
  • Precise injection and timing of CLO into piston ring package
  • Accurate metering of CLO to achieve potential savings
  • Less deposits built up due to reduced lubrication
Environmental benefits
  • Reduction in solid particle emissions due to reduced lube oil consumption means that the consumption can go down by 30 - 50% after the engine has been retrofitted
  • Service of the lubrication system can be carried out whilst the engine is running.
The benefits of this type of intelligent lubrication systems are evident when taking the example of an oversees container ship with a 65600 kW engine:
When traveling normally between continents, the 12-cylinder two-stroke engine uses 450,000 litres of lubrication oil per year. When using SKF Cylinder Lubrication System, a saving of approximately 135,000 litres is achieved per year, which is about 30%. Just the oil savings themselves mean the lubrication system pays for itself as early as in the first year of operation.


SKF has developed a series of modular lubrication systems for load-dependent lubrication of cylinders in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines as well as small pumps for inlet valve seat lubrication for 4-stroke engines. This leading SKF technology is often selected from your engine maker as standard solution. Please contact your engine maker for retrofit solutions.
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