SKF Grease Spraying System for Large Open Gears

Experience has shown that even with precise positioning of the gears, only 50 to 60% of the initial areas bear the load. This is due to roughness and surface deformations. Lubrication is therefore essential for trouble-free operation of gear drives.

SKF Grease Spraying solution is a lubrication system that sprays the lubricant automatically onto the gear teeth. The system includes a pneumatic pump fitted on the user's drum of lubricant. The pump supplies distribution units that are positioned above the gears to be lubricated. The progressive distributors fitted on these units direct the lubricant towards the sprayers. An air control unit controls both the supplied air of pneumatic feed pump and the air directed towards the nozzle to spray the lubricant.

  • The spraying covers the surface of the gear teeth obtaining a homogeneous film of thickness adapted to the gear requirements.
  • The SKF Grease Spraying System is automatic giving the possibility for continuous or cyclic lubrication.
  • Users can adjust the lubrication cycle according to their requirements for increased production rates or temperature variations for example.
  • The system is equipped with monitoring and safety devices for optimum operation


Large gear drives used in the material conversion industries, mining industry, cement works, steel-making, fertilizer plants, waste incineration and composite plants among others

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