SKF Spectraseal

SKF Spectraseal
SKF Spectraseal profiles are predominately used for extreme and demanding application requirements where conventional moulded elastomers or thermoplastics cannot be used due to material limitations. Application conditions such as:
  • Extreme temperatures: from cryogenics temperatures to +290°C (+550°F)
  • Low friction: friction sensitive application such as valves or pressure switches that are required to operate with a very light spring load or pressure differential
  • Presence of aggressive chemicals: most of the engineered plastic materials used, such as PTFE based compounds, have virtually universal media compatibility
  • High-pressure gas: most engineered plastic materials do not exhibit explosive decompression, which is a common problem for many elastomer-based materials
  • Abrasive or non-lubricated environment: media such as water, paints, resins and drilling mud can be very abrasive to elastomer based sealing materials
  • High surface speeds and or pressures: Due to the low friction characteristics of the materials it is possible to tolerate high surface speeds even without lubrication

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