Calculating the guide width

The requisite guide width can be calculated for:

  • piston guide housing width using

  • rod guide housing width using

L=requisite guide housing width [mm]
D=cylinder bore diameter [mm]
d=rod diameter [mm]
F=radial load [N]
f=safety factor (→ Calculation considerations)
p=maximum recommended bearing load pressure [N/mm2] (table 1)

Calculation example

What is the required guide housing width L for a PGR piston guide ring made of phenolic resin with cotton fabric laminate (PF), a cylinder bore diameter of D = 100 mm, considering a radial load of 20 000 N and an operating temperature of 80 °C (normal conditions)?

From table 1, the maximum recommended bearing load pressure p = 30 N/mm2. The safety factor is chosen with 2. The requisite guide housing width L is

The requisite guide housing width is 15,3 mm. However, choose a 20 mm housing width, which is the nearest larger housing and guide width L, such as guide ring PGR 100x94x20-PF (→ Size list metric [pdf]).
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