SKF Mudblock seals MUD11

For oil-lubricated applications

SKF Mudblock seal MUD11

SKF Mudblock seal design MUD11 is a new generation of cassette seals, specifically developed for oil-lubricated heavy-duty applications in harsh environments and tough operating conditions.

SKF Mudblock seals MUD11 are designed for oil-lubricated applications and provide features including:

  • half-metal/half-rubber outside diameter – improves static sealing, heat dissipation and retention in housing
  • a unitized, multi-lip seal design
  • axial and auxiliary radial lips for contaminant exclusion
  • integrated stainless steel wear sleeve, curled for a reliable unitized solution to facilitate installation and prevent damage to the lips during transportation, handling and installation
  • high-performance elastomeric materials
  • market-leading performance in terms of oil retention
  • offer robust protection from solid and liquid contaminants while reducing friction and extending seal service life


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