Principles of sealing selection and application

Industrial shaft seals are used to seal the opening between a rotating and a stationary component, or between two components in relative motion. Primary seal functions include:
  • Retain the lubricant
  • Exclude contaminants
  • Separate two different media
  • Seal under pressure
To be effective, industrial shaft seals should operate with a minimum of friction and wear, even under unfavourable operating conditions. In order to meet the requirements of a variety of different applications and operating conditions, SKF industrial shaft seals for rotating machine components are manufactured from many different designs, materials and executions. Each of these designs and material combinations has specific properties, making them suitable for a particular application.


The SKF assortment of industrial shaft seals comprises hundreds of different designs and material combinations. The products which are shown in this chapter and listed in the product tables are the more commonly used seal types and sizes.

Guidance values

Since several factors simultaneously affect the sealing system and seal performance, all stated values in graphs and tables in this chapter should be considered as guidelines only and not as absolute values for practical applications.
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