Chemical and thermal resistance

The most important factor when selecting the appropriate elastomer for a radial shaft seal is its chemical resistance to the medium to be sealed or excluded. The operating temperature is another important factor. Heat accelerates ageing of the elastomer and increases the reactivity and aggressiveness of the sealed medium.
Radial shaft seals are mainly used to seal lubricating oils and greases as well as hydraulic fluids (including non-flammable fluids). Guideline values are provided in the table for the permissible operating temperatures, i.e. temperatures at which the SKF seals are still chemically resistant. The temperature range stated for a group of media means that the sealing material is resistant when continuously operated within this particular range.
The □ means that, within the group, there are some media that are compatible with the elastomer, but also some that have a detrimental effect on the elastomer.
The ■ means that the seal material is not resistant to media belonging to this group.
For the resistance of seal materials to media not listed in the table, refer to the section Chemical resistance or contact SKF.
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