Wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications (LDSLV)

Outside contamination particles and polishing friction between a rotating shaft and a seal can, over time, result in severe shaft damage. Instead of repairing or replacing the damaged shaft, SKF recommends using wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications (LDSLV) for shaft diameters ranging from 211,15 to 1 143 mm (8.313 to 45 in.). The sleeves are made to order for shaft diameters within the primary ranges listed in the table for LDSLV3 and the table for LDSLV4. A selection of sizes is listed in the product table.
LDSLV3 and LDSLV4 are recommended for applications where operating conditions for the seals are difficult, particularly where solid contaminants can reach the seals, like in rolling mills, primary metal plants and in chemical and mineral plants.
In applications where seal wear and shaft damage can be expected, SKF recommends installing the sleeves before the machine is operational. By installing them from the outset, it will not be necessary to rework the shaft before installing a replacement sleeve and the original seal size can be used as the replacement.
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