Our work areas


Within manufacturing, roles encompass planning, leading and developing all activities and ensuring these are in line with our high standards of quality and service. This involves anticipating technological and engineering development in the global marketplace and enhancing production worldwide in order to optimise productivity and efficiency.


SKF engineers are responsible for a wide scope of engineering knowledge and support services to the customer. A common yet vital engineering role within SKF is that of the Application Engineer. Their responsibilities include managing all technical enquiries from customers or distributors.

Technology & Product Development

Employees in this area drive technological innovation and are responsible for research and development at SKF from both a product and process perspective.  Our scientists and experts continuously generate ideas that lead to innovations and new technology. In cooperation with colleagues and customers, they work to ensure that these ideas are translated into solutions that deliver value to our customers and to SKF.


IT staff at SKF are responsible for developing, maintaining and coordinating all IT applications and services. Roles within IT include Manager Applications Team, Data Protection Officer and System Owner. 

Demand Chain

This area covers responsibilities within the SKF supply chain and logistics and purchasing units within Demand Chain and Purchasing. Roles in this area involve the continual planning and development of our product and process streams to ensure we achieve optimal demand and supply flows throughout the entire chain, from customer order to delivery.


Responsibilities in this area involve developing and implementing internal and global quality standards that ensure we operate capable, reliant and efficient business processes and that continuous improvement is applied throughout the organisation. Roles include that of the Quality manager, Supplier Excellence Manager and Quality Coordinator. 

Sales & Marketing

Within this area, staff are responsible for identifying new business opportunities and driving sales through direct and indirect channels. Roles within sales and marketing include that of the Global Segment Manager, Business Engineer, Business Development Manager and Global Account Manager.

Business Consulting

SKF Business Consulting is a global management consulting practice within the SKF group. The function support customers in the engineering and manufacturing industry to become more profitable by addressing opportunities and challenges arising from market developments, technology shifts and efficiency demands. Consulting services cover a range of client needs from strategy, market development, organisation development to implementation management. Clients are found within and outside the SKF group. Roles within Business Consulting include Senior Advisor, Advisor, Senior Consultant, Consultant, Business Analyst and Expert/Specialist. Find more here.

Project Management

Project Management staff at SKF are responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation and execution of specific projects, ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.
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