Landing gear

Description of application

While not as arduous an application as fixed wing aircraft, helicopter landing gear has its own particular requirements. Wheeled under-carriage was first used for helicopters in a naval role as a result of the limited space on board ship and the need to move the vehicles on deck or below deck. The skid type undercarriage provides larger ground clearance, but requires a ground handling trolley for manoeuvring by ground crew.

SKF products

Unlike fixed wing aircraft, most SKF solutions for helicopter landing gear are self-lubricating journal bearings and spherical plain bearings. This is because the loading is significantly less and the under carriage mechanism is significantly smaller in scale.

Typical solutions

SKF offers various self-lubricating journal bearing solutions, incorporating AS81820 aerospace-approved liner (X1-40), for such applications.

Typical market constraints and customer preferences

While many different catalogue sizes exist, undercarriage journal bearings will be special products designed to suit each specific application.

Where journal bearings are incorporated, SKF can recommend housing and corresponding shaft details (including shaft surface finish, hardness and/or coatings) to optimise the bearing performance.
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