Tail Rotor Drive Shaft (TRDS)

Application description

The tail rotor drive shaft, also called Tail Rotor Drive Line or Tail Drive Line, runs from the rear cover of the main gearbox to the disconnect coupling at the intermediate gearbox. The shaft between the intermediate gearbox and the tail gearbox is known as the pylon drive shaft.

The primary purpose of the tail drive shaft is to transmit engine power to drive the rotary rudder. Typically there are several drive shaft segments from the main transmission to the intermediate transmission gearbox, and one section of tail drive shaft between the intermediate and tail transmission gearbox.

The shaft sections are supported by viscous-damped bearings.

SKF products and typical solutions

Tail rotor drive shaft bearings

Tail rotor drive shaft bearings are typically sealed and grease-lubricated components that withstand high shaft bending. In order to accommodate such heavy misalignment, the outer ring is made up of two parts coupled by a spherical interface where sliding motion occurs.
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