Servo actuators

Modular design, powerful and high efficient

Servo actuators

The automation market is very cost driven. It is important that producers benefit from highest flexibility in their machines to shorten the unproductive time. The process time needs to be as quick as possible to increase the productivity. Electric solutions allow to re-program machines to change its functionality. There is no need to do mechanical adjustments on cylinders. Besides of that, electric cylinders offer variable speed and accurate positioning.

A big issue is the energy cost. Electric cylinders are much more efficient. Compared to pneumatic cylinders, electric cylinders enable energy cost savings up to 90%.

The modularity of SKF electric cylinders allow to attach your preferred motor in a simple way. In order to provide you a fully integrated system, SKF combined it’s actuator expertise with Siemens’ well-known motor knowledge. Thanks to this partnership, SKF offers a complete linear solution.

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