Shock absorber seals

The dynamic seals are a critical for the reliable operation and life of shock absorbers.

SKF provides a range of advanced shock absorber seal solutions for all types of applications ranging from motorcycles through cars and light trucks to heavy duty commercial vehicles. The seals use specially developed materials and designs to minimize friction and prevent contamination from entering the system. The result is a high degree of comfort and a long life.

  • Heavy gauge metal insert, allowing the shock absorber tube to be assembled over the seal in a number of different methods
  • Static gasket providing a leak- tight seal between tube wall and bushing
  • Garter spring, providing the correct radial load for the life of the product
  • Dust lip, preventing contaminants from entering the system
  • Optional gas lip, acting as a check valve
  • Availability of compounds: NBR, HNBR and FKM covering a wide range of operating temperatures (-40 to +200˚C) and providing compatibility to oils
  • Customized compound development allowing for low friction, but also high friction if specified
  • Flat top metal surface design permits the tube to be welded or rolled into place
  • Available for strut, monotube and twin tube shock absorbers, as well as heavy duty applications
  • Able to support high static and dynamic pressure
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