Sealed deep groove ball bearing for car drive shaft

It improves performance and liability, and reduces the total cost of ownership

Sealed deep groove ball bearing for car driveshaft
This SKF solution increases the sealing performance in automotive driveline applications and others that work in heavily contaminated environments. The new seal improves protection against external pollution (water and mud). This offers the possibility to remove external protection, and reduce additional parts like shields or seals.

The result is a more compact solution, which is easy to mount. The new bearing has been developed for the intermediate drive shafts in cars and light trucks (front wheel drive) and propeller shafts (four wheel drive and rear wheel drive). The bearing can also be used in many other types of applications that operate in heavily contaminated environments.

Among the most relevant operational benefits we can highlight:
  • Reliable sealing that minimizes contamination inside the bearing, thus improving the bearing service life
  • Increased robustness thanks to Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach
  • Compact solution, easy to handle and ready to mount
  • Sealing performance fully complying with car manufacturers’ test specifications
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