Performance killers and cost drivers

Performance killers and cost drivers

Cost reduction continues to be a top pressure for food and beverage producers, driven through in the entire supply chain. However, prioritizing cost over quality and performance when replacing key components – such as bearings and seals - can lead to higher costs for maintenance and operations. Undesired consequences can be shorter mean time between failure and unplanned stops, which is one of the highest cost drivers.

What if you would switch this approach to select components based on their contribution to performance, safety, and real total cost of ownership?

By utilizing relubrication-free bearing technologies, you save cost of lubricants, labour and reduce the risks of unplanned failure.

Consequences of sealing system failure can be huge for operations and product safety. Time and speed of replacement with solutions that are customized to your application needs can reduce your costs of maintenance and risk of unplanned failures.
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