SKF Sealed Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearing

SKF offers a new sealed deep groove ball bearing line which offers 30% lower friction while maintaining high seal ability

After the launch of the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearing (DGBB), SKF presents a new sealed deep groove ball bearing which completes the E2 offer. SKF Sealed E2 DGBB reduces frictional losses in a bearing by 30% or more when compared to SKF Explorer bearing.Designed for grease lubricated, light to normal load applications, SKF Sealed E2 DGBB also enables longer bearing service life and is designed to improve application efficiency by reducing bearing power losses.

• New low modulus NBR material
• Optimized internal geometry
• High speed polymer cage
• Low friction seal for harsh environments
• Long life grease for high speed applications
• Optimized grease filling

Value for the customer
• 30% friction reduction compared to
the SKF Explorer bearing range
• High seal ability
• High speed capabilities
• Reduced running temperature
• Increased service life
• Solution can be tailored for internal
• Improved application efficiency
• Full range available up to 52 mm OD
• Suitable for harsh environments

Typical application conditions
Optimized for light and medium loaded
Most significant friction torque reduction
and longer service life for the following
• Load ratio C/P ≥ 8
• Speed ≥ 1000 rpm
• Operating temperature – 40°C to 100°C

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