Make your process more profitable with SKF knowledge and technology

Whether you are producing pulp, paper or both, SKF has a broad range of solutions for a wide range of critical processing equipment. From debarking drums to finishing machinery, SKF products and services can help keep your equipment running as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Valuable solutions with real results
At the equipment level, SKF has many valuable solutions such as CARB, NoWear and INSOCOAT bearings. The latter, for example, protects against electrical erosion and has saved customers as much as €50,000 per year in maintenance costs.

At the process level, SKF systems can improve water removal in the press section, optimize felt performance, and identify faults contributing to runnability and quality problems.
These are just a few of the many pulp and paper making solutions offered by SKF, which can help:
  • Cut operating costs 
  • Increase machine uptime 
  • Enhance machine efficiency 
  • Boost sustainability and safety


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