Propeller shaft

Every truck has a standard assembly, the propeller shaft, bridging the gap between transmission and driven axle.

SKF universal joint bearings fulfill special requirements for high loads and tough conditions over long distances and for off-road driving.

The design, optimized in terms of function as well as manufacturing quality of the SKF universal joint bearings, offers benefits to all parties concerned.
The company operating the vehicle benefits as follows:
  • reduced maintenance costs,
  • service life of up to one million kilometers and more (600,000 miles)

The propeller shaft manufacturer gains a decisive competitive edge:
  • more cost-effective manufacture, as the universal joint assembly can be designed and manufactured without re-lubricating holes, ducts or nipples,
  • potential for longer warranty periods granted to the customers thanks to reliability and longevity in operation.

Universal joint bearings are available in outside diameters from 38 to 68 mm.

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