SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Be aware of tyre pressure problems before they cost you

With the SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, drivers can monitor tyre pressure accurately and continuously to improve fleet safety and efficiency. Tyre pressure data, sent wirelessly from external wheel modules, is integrated into the vehicle’s internal communication network and displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. The system gives drivers a look at real-time tyre pressure levels that can help eliminate the risk of accidents and unplanned vehicle downtime while cutting fuel consumption and operating costs.

A proven system

Reflecting decades of close cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers, the SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System combines road-tested hardware and software. External wheel modules transmit tyre pressure and temperature data to electronic control units that apply an algorithm to compute tyre pressure condition. Robust electrical wiring and component materials support high signal strength as well as continuous and accurate data transfer.

SKF Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Product benefits:

  • External mounting for easy installation and retrofit
  • Robust electrical wiring between the valve sensor and antenna eliminates the air leakage that can occur when the sensor is pressurized through an external air-tube
  • Accurate data transfer due to high signal strength of 2.4 GHz
  • Generates highly reliable data with an SKF algorithm that uses pressure and temperature data for calculations

Customer benefits:

  • Reduces risk of blowouts and unplanned downtime
  • Improves tyre life and lowers total cost of ownership
  • Improves fuel economy and safety
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
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