The Garrahan Foundation

Paper recycling and money donations for children at the State Hospital of Paediatrics

With the purpose of playing a more active role in the local community while keeping in mind the sustainability of natural resources and environment, SKF Argentina at Tortuguitas, along with other companies and institutions participate in the Paper Recycling Program organised by the Garrahan Foundation.

The foundation provides cardboard boxes for enterprises, schools and households to collect used paper, which in turn is sold to recycling companies. The money collected from the programme is donated to the State Hospital of Paediatrics "Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan", devoted to helping children suffering from oncological, cardiovascular problems or children in need of transplantation.

The money collected enables the State Hospital to buy medical equipment, provide infrastructure arrangement, recruit professional nurses and doctors as well as support facility maintenance. In addition to environmental care by recycling papers, through the programme SKF also provides help to the children in need.

In 2010 SKF has donated 83,138 kilos of paper and 119 kilos of plastic bottle caps.
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  • SKF also sponsors a bedroom at the Garrahan Foundation House that provides accommodation to children under long-term treatment, together with their parents.
  • On a monthly basis, SKF donates food, milk, clothes, school materials to the state school Nr. 6 Martin de Guemes, which is currently attended by about 1,300 underprivileged children.
  • Christmas presents collection and scholarships are also given to the children at the Carita de Angel community centre in the south of Buenos Aires.
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