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Reforestation project in North-Eastern China

SKF signed a framework agreement with the State Forestry Administration of China (SFA) at the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and China (May 2010).

This kicked start SKF’s five-year reforestation project in the country. China aims at increasing its forest coverage to more than 26% by 2050. SKF, together with SFA, deployed a project in the north-eastern part of China, in Fuxin County, Liaoning Province. At the start of the project, the site consisted of barren hills and the area was severely affected by frequent sandstorms due to its close proximity to the Horqin desert.

SKF hopes the project will make a significant contribution to local development in both social and environmental terms. The objective of the project is that as the project develops, it will provide stable employment to local people who currently get-by on subsistence living.

Once the trees are fully grown, it will prevent soil erosion caused by sandstorms or rainfall. The planted area will also play an important role in water conversation and serve as a shelter for the local flora and fauna.

Equally important, this project serves as a medium where the knowledge and competence between the Swedish and Chinese forestry sectors can be shared.

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The project creates around 50 job opportunities during planting season in the two nearby villages. This not only increases their income, but also provided an opportunity for the workers to enrich their skills in modern and sustainable forest management.

Concluded in the joint inspection report, the 2010 and 2011 projects have been a success and the sites are progressing in good conditions.

Between 2010 and 2013, 676 hectares have been planted with over 3 million seedlings and a susrvaival rate of over 94%.

In 2013 the second phase of the project started - in Xiuyan county of Liaoning province, where desertification is becoming serious and biodiversity has been declining noticeably.

1,444,000 seedlings of red pine and larch was planted on 180 hectares of land to improve the quality and ecological functions of the forest, prevent land desertification and protect the source of water for the local community. 

The projected plan for 2014 is to plant an additional 260 hectares in the Yiuyan county.

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