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Anti-counterfeiting raid by police
The issue of counterfeited industrial products is something that affects all branded bearing manufacturers. Counterfeited SKF products exists on all geographical markets, in all industrial segments and for all product types and sizes. The product range of counterfeits is not only limited to bearings, also housings, seals, grease, vehicle parts and many more products are counterfeited.

Customers are being cheated

Counterfeit bearings and other counterfeit products are usually low-cost, no name products. They are illegally labeled and marketed with another company's brand, and placed in packaging that appears identical to genuine packaging used by the brand owner. Counterfeit bearings are sold to unsuspecting customers, usually around the same price as genuine products.

Consequences of using counterfeited products

The performance of a counterfeit product is unpredictable, hence the use of counterfeited products may cause some serious damage to operational reliability, cost of production and market reputation. Counterfeited products may also present a serious safety issue and can cause personal injury.

Raising awareness

By continuously raising the awareness level among customers and authorized distributors, knowledge about counterfeits and how to avoid being cheated is increased. More information is also available in the brochure; Protect your business - avoid counterfeit products

SKF also actively assists local law enforcement authorities in taking action against this illegal trade. Successful raids and closed businesses do great harm to the counterfeit trade.

SKF and other bearing manufacturers work together through the World Bearing Association (WBA). WBA also have a global information campaign against counterfeiting. Learn more on the campaign site.

Call to action

The best way to safeguard product authenticity is to buy SKF products from authorized SKF distributors.

What if you suspect a product to be counterfeit?

If you believe that you have accidentally purchased a counterfeited SKF product, or would like to anonymously inform us of activity in this area, contact SKF at Staff from SKF Group Headquarters will handle your mail with confidentiality.

Only experts from SKF can verify authenticity of a product or package marked with SKF trademarks. Please send sharp pictures of all visual markings on the product and product box to and you will be contacted by SKF. The SKF Authenticate application for smartphones allows users to take and send photos of suspect products and proof of purchase directly to SKF for verification.

The application can be downloaded for free from App Store or Google play.
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