Mexico EHS Family Month

Teaching young generation to care about our world

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is at the core of SKF’s sustainability work in our factories. Through various activities in our plants and facilities we have been able reduce accidents, reduce waste and incorporate a global management system (ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001) to continually improve our work in the environment and ensuring health and safety.

SKF Puebla in Mexico, started a programme in 2006 to share our focus and commitment to the environment, health and safety with employees' families, friends and the community at large by inviting them to the SKF EHS Month.

The objectives of the programme include:

  • create activities where children can learn about safety and best practices for environmental conservation;
  • promote proper safety procedures and housekeeping with the workers, so that they can show their families the best practices during the tour in the plant;
  • share our commitment to EHS and sustainability;

Different years focus on different topics and some of the topics previous years have been:

  • Safety; what to do in case of an earthquake, and environment; handling wastes
  • Ecological footprint and road safety rules
  • 5's at home and water conservation
  • First aid and emergency procedures at home, plastic contamination (3R´s) and reusable bags
  • Safety on holidays, safety risks at home, natural resources conservation and the importance of trees (CO2)
  • How to use a fire extinguisher and environmental pollution
  • Safety rules in SKF - how to take care of ourselves during holidays and global warming
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