SKF del Peru and Tierra de Niños

SKF has cooperated with Tierra de Niños for several years to support the villagers of Anchonga.

It all started with the construction of a school room in the community of Huarirumi, Anchonga. The community is located in an area very high up in the Andean mountains 15 hours drive from Lima, which is an area where people are exposed to poverty and the illiteracy rate is high.

"The village suffered an earthquake in 2007 and the former school was ruined. We made sure they could build a new one," says Lorena Perez, the project leader.

The village where the school was built is situated very high up in the Andes Mountains - 3300 meters above the sea. The majority of the people in the area are living on agriculture and sheep farming.

In 2013, SKF travelled to the site of the school to participate in the inauguration of the 2nd classroom sponsored by the SKF organization, and the SKF employees.
The first classroom was inaugurated already in 2009, and briefly after this, activities to set up the second classroom were initiated.
Funds were provided from the sales of SKF world calendars and in 2012, the decision was taken to support an additional classroom in order to cater for basic education for a larger part of the population in the remote rural area.
The organisation Tierra de Niños was once again involved in the constructions of the building. Over 200 children, benefit from the education provided here.
Empowering the women of Villa Libertad, Lima
Simultaneously, SKF del Peru had been providing funds to setup a textile workshop in the emerging community of Villa Libertad in Lima. The workshop is seeking to empower the  women of the community by providing vocational training and jobs creation to help them support their families.

Prior to traveling to Anchonga, SKF placed and order of 200 blankets from the textile workshop, which were handed over at the inaugural ceremony in the remote community. The ceremony was attended by local authorities, families, and more than 150 children who welcomed representatives of the institutions.
The first classroom
The building was supported and financed by SKF and was ready and inaugurated in March 2009. The first classroom accommodates 32 children a time, and is built to withstand earthquakes. The parents and other local inhabitants help to build the school and engineers oversaw the construction to ensure safety.

Besides sponsoring the construction work, SKF employees also sold calendars to raise money to buy pens and paper for the children. SKF Peru also contributed with some school packages.

Another positive outcome from the project is the number of girls attending school in the area has since increased.
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Anchonga is one of the poorest regions in Peru and has around 1,800 residents living in rural areas. Families get-by with simplistic farming and animal grazing. Due to uneven precipitation in the area, access to water is a major challenge for the locals, Many, particularly children, have unbalanced diet which over long-term lead to malnutrition. To help their families, children often have to work in the farms at a very young age and few have had higher education than elementary level.

Tierra de Niños
Tierra de Niños (TDN) is an NGO with the mission of promoting and strengthening the independence and social prominence of children and youth in areas of extreme poverty in Peru. The organization develops projects in the fields of education, health, governance and citizenship.

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