Un Techo Para Mi País

A roof for my country

Every year SKF Argentina organizes volunteer days for SKF employees to support the organization Un Techo Para Mi País (A roof for my country), or just TECHO.

The non-governmental, non profit organization’s mission is to promote community investment in slums and foster social awareness and action through a joint work between settlers, volunteers, companies and the underprivileged families.
In November 2013, a group of 23 volunteer employees took part in the construction of housing for two families in the Luchetti neighbourhood of Pilar in Buenos Aires city. These basic houses will give the chance to the families to have an intimate, deserving and protected place. We expected they will be a first step for them to improve their standards of life.

Benefits for the community and for SKF’s employees
A few of the testimonials from employees taking part in the volunteer programme:

“It was a beautiful experience; at that point we all were one trying to give a better future to a family. It was a day full of good vibes, fellowship, friendship and laughs, as if all of us knew for years. And the best part was to see the happiness in every face when the house was ready”

“Sometimes we see poverty as a very distant reality and that is why I consider that is very good to participate in this kind of activities, to feel you are been useful and you are making at least a small contribution to help others. I agree with the team of TECHO when they say that this is just a kick off, a first step for something else, because it helps people to develop a greater empathy and awareness of reality. I think it rocks that we can continue participating; it promotes the teamwork and allows volunteers to get to know each other a bit more. For me it was an amazing experience that would gladly repeat. Thanks for the willingness and energy.”

“For me TECHO was a unique and unforgettable experience where it became evident that teamwork pays off.”
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