SKF Bengaluru - taking Care of every individual’s special abilities

The project "Tech-Vision" is a collaboration between SKF India Ltd and Samarthanam Trust in a attempt to enhance the individual abilities of people who are less fortunate, to equip them with the right tools and to empower them to take the world with confidence.

Just because you cannot read does not mean that you cannot tell stories. This is the point of view from which SKF’s collaboration with Samarthanam Trust takes off. No matter what challenge or impairment one has, it does not need to define them. It is the abilities – what you can actually do that defines an individual.

The participation from SKF enables interactive workshops to help the physically challenged in the community to communicate with confidence, face interviews, pep up their personality, and infuse an element of fun and light into their lives.

SKF employees volunteering

Since 2009, SKF Bengaluru has sponsored over 100 students ranging from 15 to 52 years of age, to successfully graduating MS Excel and spoken English courses both by volunteering and with the help of external trainers.

SKF employees join as facilitators to hold periodic workshops and knowledge sharing sessions with the objective to focus on the individual abilities of the participants and enhance their strengths.  SKF also offers situation role plays and personal development training to help the students harness their abilities. In the end it is a lot about to be prepared for so called “new age jobs”, often carried out by using computers and phones.

After graduation many participants have acquired job in call centres, handloom shops, as receptionist or teaching at public schools.

About Samarthanam Trust

Samarthanam Trust for the especially abled was established in 1997 by three visually impaired graduates, with a strong will to empower other challenged with a life of opportunities, for which they themselves had fought so hard.

Today, Samarthanam supports not only the physically challenged, but also children from underprivileged parts of society. Some of the activities run by the trust today are:
  • Free hostels and facilities for about two hundred children.
  • “Computer Cell” – teaching visually impaired children to use specially developed software to gather information.
  • Free residential high school – Today with a capacity of about 100 students
  • Sports and leisure – the students of Samarthanam are keen participants in both chess and cricket, the visually disabled cricket team has toured both England and Pakistan.
  • Arts and culture
  • Dry waste recycling programme – to contribute to the mitigation of the growing global environmental issues.
  • Midday-meal programme – providing meals to children in 52 schools in urban and rural suburbs of Bengaluru.

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