Sports academy as a tactics for diversity

Another community care project is enabling underprivileged school girls to opt for sports as a career. SKF girl’s football team is the first team in Pune which is trained professionally and plays various matches at the district, national and international level. In 2015, the girl’s team made their debut at Gothia Cup in Sweden. Soon after

Under this project, SKF selects girls from various schools, from the age group of 9 to 10 years. Then they are professionally trained by coaches thrice a week for five years in the SKF Sports Education Program.

Nusrat Shaikh, mid fielder as a part of girls team, SKF Sports Education Program says “it has been possible for me to play football girls team due to SKF, I can see my dream of becoming a football player and representing India coming true thanks to the brilliant coaching and mentorship provided by SKF Sports Education Program".

A Sports Education Program has an intensive weekly regime consisting of stamina building program that includes regular medical checkups, diet & nutrition workshops, periodic counseling sessions with parents, summer and winter football camps.

For the holistic development of the girls project English classes, birthday celebration, soft skills sessions and personality development workshop are conducted by SKF’s volunteers along with professional trainees.
The SKF Sports Education Program offers a holistic learning experience for the children values such as teamwork and equality, which in turn contribute to their overall growth and development.

SKF India’s Community Care programme is committed to its vision of making meaning full difference for the surrounding community.


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