Bräcke Diakoni

Bräcke Diakoni – Support disabled children

To increase the social awareness and responsibility for exposed groups in our society, SKF Sweden is engaged in initiatives for disabled children. In Gothenburg this initiative is managed by the non-profit organisation Bräcke Diakoni and supported by SKF.

Bräcke Diakoni is one of Sweden’s leading, private actors in healthcare. In addition to healthcare, hospice and education, the organisation is also driving research in – among other areas – cognitive pedagogy, which is a special type of pedagogy applied in treatment of neurological disorders. Examples of these are cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s.

SKF has recently supported two projects managed by Bräcke:
  • the construction of an outdoor playground at the "Stegen" (the ladder) Daycare centre, a preschool for kids and a training facility for both children and grown-ups with physical disabilities,
  • supporting the training facility Si-Tu in Constanta, Romania, in a joint-effort with SKF Romania.

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Bräcke Diakoni has around 600 part- and fulltime employees. The word Diakoni” is an explanation of an attitude; the etymology comes from the Greek expression which roughly translates to “supporting less privileged people”.

The historic background of Bräcke Diakoni is the social work originally performed by the Swedish church, but today the organisation is totally independent. 

SKF employees can go to Bräcke and help out on voluntary basis. In May 2015, SKF employees went to Bräcke for a full day of maintenance activities.

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