Modelling and simulation

Analyzing system behaviour in a virtual environment

Knowledge and simulation tools
Modelling and simulation of rolling bearing products requires detailed, accurate information on the role of different materials and associated physical properties, and how contacting surfaces react during rolling contact conditions. The development of such models focuses on different size regimes, typically from the sub-micron level up to full scale components.

SKF has the most comprehensive and powerful sets of modelling and simulation packages in the bearing industry, ranging from easy-to-use tools based on the SKF General Catalogue formulas, to the most sophisticated calculation and simulation systems. The company’s strategy is to develop a wide range of software packages to satisfy a large number of customer requirements, from fairly simple design checks and moderately complex investigations to the most advanced simulations for bearing and machine design.

SKF combines the ability to model generic mechanical systems using shafts, gears, housings, etc. with a precise bearing model for in-depth analysis of the system behaviour in a virtual environment. This SKF program is the result of several years of specific research and development.

Dynamic calculation of bearing calculations

For dynamic calculations, SKF has programs to study and optimize the complex behaviour of noise and vibration critical bearing applications (e.g. electric motors, gearboxes), providing an in-depth understanding of, and advice on, the dynamic behaviour of an application.

For the most precise simulations of the detailed dynamics inside the bearing, SKF software can be seen as a virtual test rig, performing detailed studies of forces, moments etc. under virtually any load condition. The SKF Spindle Simulator is advanced simulation software for analyzing spindle applications. This program takes account of the effect of the operating speed and temperature on the bearing shaft and housing fits, as well as the bearing preload. In addition, at each point in the spindle’s duty cycle, it analyzes the effect of the external loads on the shaft and the bearings and delivers precise information about each contact for each rolling element on each bearing. The program supports the analysis of spindles and contains detailed models of super-precision bearings.
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