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Combined with our deep application expertise in every major industry, SKF testing enables us to exceed, rather than follow, worldwide standards. SKF testing plays a crucial role in developing test methodologies and performing tests for SKF solutions.

Focus areas include:

Life testing

Along with validating many of the performance statements found in SKF product catalogues, SKF life testing evaluates the performance and failure modes of bearing designs, including cages, seals and lubricants, materials, materials processing, and heat treatment and manufacturing processes.

Testing methodologies

Continuous improvement of SKF products and solutions demands continuous improvement of the testing methodologies needed to validate them. SKF experts focus on developing, validating and applying new or improved methods to enable smart and efficient testing for the development of new products. This is done in many areas ranging from material testing and grease testing to full life testing of bearings. They also work on redesigning and improve life testing with respect to test design, running conditions and analysis.

The Sven Wingquist Test Center

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