Minimum load

For additional information → Requisite minimum load

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Equivalent dynamic bearing load

For additional information → Equivalent dynamic bearing load, P
Non-locating bearings

P = Fr

Locating bearings

Fa/Fr ≤ 0,15 → P = Fr

Fa/Fr > 0,15 → P = 0,92 Fr + 0,4 Fa

Fa must not exceed 0,25 Fr.

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Equivalent static bearing load

For additional information → Equivalent static load
P0 = Fr


dmbearing mean diameter [mm]
= 0,5 (d + D)
Faaxial load [kN]
Frradial load [kN]
Frmminimum radial load [kN]
krminimum load factor (→ product table)
nrotational speed [r/min]
reference speed [r/min] (→ product table)
For sealed bearings with seals removed and oil lubrication: use 1,3 times the limiting speed
Pequivalent dynamic bearing load [kN]
P0equivalent static bearing load [kN]
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