DMB taper gauges

SKF taper gauges in the DMB series enable a quick and accurate check of the diameter and the angle of external tapers. They are suitable for final checks as well as for intermediate checks during machining. DMB taper gauges are available for tapered seats from d = 40 to 360 mm (→ product table).
DMB taper gauges (fig.1) consist of:
  • two saddles (a), firmly joined together at a fixed distance
  • a gauge pin (b), positioned in each of the saddles
  • two adjustable radial stops (c and d), in each saddle at 90° intervals from the gauge pin
  • an axial stop (e) to locate the gauge axially on the taper
The gauge pins and the radial stops can be set to measure any taper angle between 0° and 6° and any diameter within the range of the gauge. Markings on the scales show the settings for 1:12 and 1:30 tapers.
As standard, DMB taper gauges are supplied together with two dial indicators. Tailored reference tapers can be supplied on request.


Set the radial stops and straight edges of the gauge pins to the desired diameter and taper angle, using the scales. Then, adjust the axial stop on the taper to be measured. Put the gauge on a reference taper and set the dials to zero. The gauge is now ready to take measurements.
To take a measurement, put the DMB taper gauge on the taper to be measured, making sure that it is up against the axial stop. Then take a reading. The readings on the dials are the diameter deviations. A difference in the readings between the two dials indicates a deviation in the taper angle.
While measuring, the gauge should be inclined at about 10° from the horizontal plane (fig.2). In this position, the gauge is located on the taper by the radial and axial stops.


The measuring accuracy of DMB taper gauges is within 1 μm for d < 280 mm and within 1,5 μm for d ≥ 280 mm.

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