SKF super-precision bearings are manufactured to tolerance classes similar to internationally standardized tolerance classes. Standards for rolling bearing tolerances are:
  • ISO 492:2014 for radial rolling bearings
  • ISO 199:2014 for thrust rolling bearings
For available bearing types and tolerance classes, refer to Precision. Actual tolerance values are listed under Tolerances in each product section:

Tolerance symbols

The tolerance symbols together with their definitions are provided in table 1.

Chamfer dimension limits

The maximum chamfer limits (fig. 1) for the relevant minimum chamfer dimensions (→ Product tables) are listed in table 2. The values are in accordance with ISO 582:1995.

Double direction angular contact thrust ball bearings in the BTM and BTW series and single direction angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives in the BSA series have the same maximum chamfer dimensions as radial bearings.

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