Recommended dimensions

Recommended dimensions are listed in:
  • table 1 for stepped sleeves (without O-ring) and their seats (bearing arrangement example) (fig. 1)
  • table 2 for stepped sleeves with O-ring and their seats (bearing arrangement example) (fig. 2)

When machining bores and shaft seats for stepped sleeves, it is very important that the actual degree of interference fit is as close as possible for both the major and minor diameters. Experience has shown that removal becomes much more difficult when there is even a small difference in interference.

Thin-walled hollow shafts may deform as a result of high contact pressures. Therefore, the sleeves for these shafts should have a relief closest to the bearing to avoid deformation of the bearing seat. The length of the relief should be 15 to 20% of the shaft diameter.

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